Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes the hunt for answers can seem more like an investigation than a simple look-up.  Perhaps you will find what you seek here; if not and you feel we can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to drop the BOD member of your choice a quick note.  Here’s the list of board members.


Q: When will the pool open and where can I get a pool key?
A: The pool usually opens on Memorial Day and remains open until the last Saturday in September.  Opening day changes will be described within the pool rules document.  The pool is managed by a BOD member.  Click HERE and I will take you to the BOD page.  Key cards are available from the property manager.  Click HERE to send a request.  Pool rules can be viewed HERE.

Q: How do I pay association fees?
A: Payments related to association dues, fines, fees, and assessments are managed by our property manager.  Click HERE to open a tab to that page.

Q: Mailbox repairs or replacement; where can I purchase the box and numbers?
Click HERE and we will open a page with information and photos.

Q: Does the association allow fishing in the pond?
No. In addition to obvious safety concerns, the fishing line damages the fountain system.  In an early 2018 incident, a fishing line was found to have so harmed the pump and impeller that the resultant motor seizure caused $1493 in damage.  Fishing is not permitted. 

Q: What is the Collierville Police non-emergency phone number?
A: The number is 901-853-3207.  Collierville also has a 911 program for emergency use.

Q: How do I report an inoperative street light?
A: The process is very simple, and your neighbors will be thrilled that you have taken the initiative.  Each light pole is equipped with an embossed metal tag displaying the pole number.  Simply document the number and click HERE.  The MLGW Streetlight Outage page will be opened for your use.  The page is quick and no one will call you about the matter; the light will just get fixed, usually within a couple of days.

Q: Does Collierville have a leash law?
A: Yes, Collierville leash law is presented and very clearly explained at the town web site.  If you wish to review all of the animal ordinances click HERE and we will open the site where our town maintains copies of all of its ordinances for public review.  Once at the site enter “94” or “leash” in the search bar to bring up section 94 which contains animal and pet laws.

Q: Does Collierville have a law prohibiting noisy dogs?
A: Yes, click HERE to be directed to the ordinance look-up.  Once there simply enter 94.25 or the word dog in the search bar to view the ordinance.  The long and short of it is that noisy dogs are not permitted in Collierville and records of events by residents will constitute legitimate evidence.  Please read ordinance 94.25 for all the details.

Q: Does Collierville have a law limiting the number of dogs or cats I may keep?
A: Yes, the ordinance number is 94.27 and may be read by clicking HERE, and when the search page comes up enter 94.27 in the search bar.  Collierville allows just three dogs or three cats on a property without a kenneling license and a kennel license will not be issued within any residential zone.

Q: May I use the street for additional curbside parking?
A: Sometimes yes and sometimes no.  Collierville law prohibits curbside parking between the hours of 1am and 5am if such parking is within the fire limits.  So what are the fire limits?  According to law enforcement personnel, the fire limits are any public street.  To read the ordinance, click HERE and search for Ordinance 72.25.  Interestingly, paragraph D of the very same chapter advises that auto maintenance, even car washing, is not permitted on any public street.

Q: Is there a web site with all of Collierville’s ordinances?
A: Yes, and for your convenience, you may click HERE and we will open that link for you.  From the resultant page, you can search for any topic you wish.

Q: Does Collierville make it possible for me to avoid door-to-door salespersons?
A: Yes, Collierville has a No-knock Registry.  Click HERE and we will beam you over to that page.

Q: Does Collierville have an emergency alerting system?
A: Yes, and participation in this valuable service is both free and convenient.  Just click HERE and we will take you to the site.

Q: Will the Collierville Police check my home when we go on vacation?
A: Yes they will.  Collierville police officers will examine your property at your request.  This valuable service is funded by our town so you will not be charged for the use of this benefit.  Here’s the LINK.

Q: Will the Collierville Postmaster hold my mail while we are away?
A: Yes.  This LINK should make setting that service easy.

Q: Where is the nearest public park?
A: New for 2016 is the Hinton Park.  This 108-acre park is just one mile south of Whisperwoods at the corner of Fleming and Holmes Roads.

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