Email & Facebook

Receive Neighborhood Notices

Email – Joining our community email distribution will ensure that you are kept aware of upcoming events, community information, and other issues that may concern Whisperwoods owners and residents. The board of directors strongly recommends participation. You will not receive spam nor advertising messages.

Facebook Private Group Facebook is a great tool for instant awareness of neighborhood concerns and activities. Our HOA has a private Facebook Group called “Whisperwoods” and we would be pleased to send an owner or resident an invitation to join the group. Note: Late 2021 changes to FB group policy no longer require that group members first become “Friends” with the group’s manager. Stated another way, it is now possible to become a member of our private group without first befriending the WebMaster.

Here’s How – To be added to, or removed from, the email list, or to receive a FB Group membership request, click HERE to write the Webmaster with your request. Please feel free to copy and paste the following into your message:

Please add me to our HOA email distribution.
Please send me a Whisperwoods Private Group invitation.