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Whisperwoods Homeowners Association

Board of Directors

Thrash (3)The Board of Directors is an annually elected body that serves Whisperwoods owners in a variety of ways.  They manage the goods and services required for the smooth, safe, and sanitary operation of the pool and common areas.  The BOD also directs our ACC and the Property Management Company.  They collect and assess bids associated with projects that benefit all, interact with Collierville leadership to encourage the development of appropriate nearby communities and see to the general well-being of our neighborhood.
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Jeremy Jackson, President & Pool Manager … 901-850-6263
Leroy Cohen, Vice President … 850-556-2989
Lynn Austin, Secretary … 901-410-7799
Mike Wolf, Treasurer … 859-816-6505
Leonard Salamida, ACC Chairman … 954-868-4305