Pool & Common Areas

Pool1The Whisperwoods saltwater pool and surrounding areas are maintained to the highest maintenance and sanitary standards.  The enclosure is beautifully lined with lawn and plant life and is secured with digital key cards issued to residents.  The area is equipped with tables, chairs, umbrellas, beautiful flat-work, a cedar pergola, and restrooms.  While the pool is open for summertime use only, it is beautifully maintained year-round and never covered so as to remain a nice community feature through every season of the year.  Pool Rules and limitations can be viewed HERE.

Whisperwoods common areas include several beautifully maintained green spaces along with two entrances.  Contractors vetted by the board ofPerimeter (10) Perimeter (4)directors install seasonal flowers, trim trees, cut grass, and maintain sprinkler systems keeping our green spaces a source of neighborhood satisfaction.  The large pond along the north side of Whisperwoods is equipped with a floating fountain and the community is enclosed within a stained cedar fence with brick entrance walls lining both sides of the two neighborhood entrances.

Like Collierville herself, Whisperwoods puts a premium on quiet comfortable living within the beauty of natural surroundings.  While Whisperwoods is located within walking distance of the “Greenbelt” and it’s miles and miles of biking and walking trails, most residents just like walking our quiet streets and visiting with friendly neighbors.  Greenbelt information can be obtained from the city hall and if you click HERE we will launch a brief video that ends at the welcome desk in the city hall; just want the map?  Click HERE for a color copy of your own.