This page serves as our community repository for lost and found information.  If you have discovered a lost or otherwise unattended item and have exhausted any obvious means of discovering the owner, please contact our WebMaster to coordinate retrieval and posting on our site.

If you own an item displayed here please contact our WebMaster to arrange for pickup.  Prior to pickup you will be asked to verify your name and residency. Depending upon the item, you may additionally be asked to describe some unique characteristic known only to the owner.

Property list

One of our neighbors has lost a black leather automobile owners guide case containing a 2011 Lincoln MKX owner’s guide along with other documents.  If such is discovered, please advise the WebMaster so that the owner may be contacted.


IMG_1385Key chain with rabbit’s tail and green lanyard found on the street on 6/26/2016.  Passed to Life Blood, Germantown in August of 2019.