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A few sought after services

Communicate with town leadership using the Mayors Action Center.  CLICK
Need the police to check your home while away on vacation?  CLICK
Need the postmaster to hold your mail?  CLICK
Want to report an inoperative street light?  CLICK
Wish to report road failures like depressions or pot holes?  CLICK
Need to report something to traffic enforcement?  CLICK
Wondering about a power outage?  CLICK
How about a cable outage; rare sure, but wouldn’t you like to know?  CLICK
Trash day is Wednesday.  The holiday schedule can be viewed online.  CLICK
Need to dispose of hazardous household waste like old paint?  

Collierville crime map.  CLICK
National Sex Offender Registry searching.  CLICK

City of Memphis

Shelby County


Most of the above links will take you directly to the page you desire.  There is one notable exception; the Ordinances link will open a search page making all Collierville ordinances available to you with ease. Simply enter a subject in the search bar and you’re off to the races.  Pet laws are in chapter 94 for example but if you didn’t know that, and who would, you could enter the word ‘dog’ for example and a list of ordinances will display with general descriptions to help you select the right ones.  Same goes for just about any topic you might wish to examine; noise, parking, etc…

You Can Help

We hope you find this page to be of value.  If you know of links that our fellow residents may find regularly useful, perhaps you wouldn’t mind sending our WebMaster a quick note with your recommendations.