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Among the many tasks undertaken by the board of directors are neighborhood projects.  These projects fall into two broad categories.  They are either maintenance or discretionary.

Maintenance – This category is generally populated by budget line item issues that require regular service or upgrades.  There are however regular opportunities to capture improvement to the benefit of all owners.  This very website is a good example of the kind of services our elected boards throughout the years have attempted to embrace.  This site was all-new in 2016, created and managed in-house, regularly updated, and far less expensive than our previous platform.  Historical and planned maintenance projects include the following:

Historical Projects –
Pond weed removal
Perimeter fence repairs
Beaver removal and turtle population reduction from the pond area.
Fountain repairs (fishing line damage, $1493, NO FISHING RULE ignored)
Sod adjacent to west entrance (under oak trees)
Sanitize and fungicide north fence
Replace west entry guardhouse windows
Sprinkler systems upgrades
Perimeter fence repairs
Repair pond fountain lights
Replace four trees in the pool area
Fix a leaning street sign
Replace missing street sign finials
Refinish pool area facilities
Refinish perimeter fence
Restore the grout around the pool
Removal of a failed willow tree at the pond
Relocation of pond pump electrical service
Replacement of failed perimeter fence segments
Removal of a common area willow tree that was harming an owner’s fence
Refinish brown perimeter fencing on the north side of the community
Maintain the website
Installation of seasonal color
Common area lawn and weed care
Replacement of the gatehouse roofs
Installation of a new perimeter fence
Pool tile replacements and bathroom services
Pond fountain pump replacement with a new floating style that promises greater service life and reduced maintenance
Placement of rock borders around certain north perimeter trees to inhibit erosion
Southwest retention pond repairs to return that system to proper functionality
Replacement of three failed trees at the pool
Established an agreement with a weed control specialist to keep curb-crack weeds in check
Replacement of irrigation system timers
Replacement of the emergency phone at the pool
The treatment of crape myrtles to protect against bark scale

2024 Projects –
Repair trim and grout at the pool edge
Replace pool area furniture
Replace pool area trellis and beams
Replaced formerly removed pool deck coverings
Trim (lift) all trees along the HOA perimeter and islands
Replace ground lighting with upgraded LED equipment
Pressure wash all HOA-owned sidewalds, curbs, columns, and entrances
Replace freeze-damaged shrubbery
Paint select street poles that require touchup

Discretionary – Items that are undertaken to improve beauty and value for all owners.  Our most recent such project involves the improvement of community mail posts and boxes.  This one-time finish upgrade will reset the neighborhood to a unified and beautiful first impression and usher in our new satin black mailbox standard.  The new standard may be reviewed within the pages of the ACC Guidelines.

Automation concept. Isolated on white

Maintenance issues rarely improve if ignored and quick action will usually result in savings for our association.  You can help.  If you become aware of an issue worthy of redress please reach out to one of the board members so the matter gets immediate attention.

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