Architectural Control Committee

Architectural Control Committee and
its Role within the Community

Above view of four architects sitting at the table and discussing design project
All ACC Requests are viewed by the entire committee.

The Whisperwoods Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is primarily tasked with the management and approval or disapproval of new construction and changes to existing properties.  The work of your ACC preserves property values through the vigorous enforcement of our neighborhood Covenants and ACC Guidelines.  Any exterior change to any home or lot within Whisperwoods mConstruction Image (3)ust be approved by the ACC.  ACC Request Forms and committee contact information are shown below.  Our covenants require that no tree in excess of a 6” caliper may be removed from any property without ACC approval and homeowners are required to maintain their properties in a manner consistent with the neighborhood aesthetic.  Repairs, fresh paint when appropriate, and the maintenance of lawns and landscaping features are expected.  Vigorous weed control, mulch as appropriate, and the replacement of dead shrubs and trees are essential to property values within Whisperwoods and are considered a priority by the board of directors, this committee, and the property manager.  Our neighborhood remains one of Collierville’s most desirable and as property values continue to rise, your BOD and ACC wish to encourage everyone to comply with our covenants to the benefit of all.

Got an exterior project?  Here’s the process …

1. If you are repairing with similar materials, repainting with the same color(s), or replacing with the same plant(s) or product(s), no ACC Request Form will be necessary.  Simply complete your project.
2. If your project includes new features, finishes, colors, or tree removal, ACC approval will be required.  If this is your circumstance simply plan your project with community continuity in mind and knowing that if you have any questions you may call your ACC Chairman at any time for guidance.  Please document your plan(s) using an ACC Request Form and any appropriate attachments.  Email, snail-mail, or deliver the completed documentation to your ACC Chairman who will see to its timely evaluation.  While the covenants allow thirty days for this process, we make every effort to approve or reject with far greater efficiency.  You will receive written confirmation of any committee decision.
3. With your approval in hand, you are free to complete your project with the support and appreciation of community leadership.

Rule of Thumb:  If in doubt, contact the ACC Chairperson using the link shown below or submit an ACC Request Form.

Note:  Collierville is well known for its building code requirements and attention to detail.  Generally speaking, just about any project involving mechanical systems, electrical, plumbing, wallboard, foundations, etc… will require one or more permits.  A bathroom renovation, for example, will require as many as five permits and inspections while the replacement of an air conditioning unit will likely require just one.  Please consider a quick call to the Code Office if you suspect your project may require their oversight.  Code office personnel are easy to work with and generous with their time; but make no mistake, construction without appropriate permits may result in an order to deconstruct for inspection.

Hot Topics

1. Homeowners are required to aggressively manage weeds.
2. Homeowners are required to maintain the appearance of their properties.
3. Overnight street parking is not permitted by Collierville ordinance.
4. Trash barrels must be concealed from street view except when out for collection.
5. No trees greater than 6″ caliper may be removed without approval.
6. Mailboxes and posts must be maintained; satin black with 3″ vinyl numbers.
7. Any exterior change likely requires ACC approval.

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Committee Members

Tim Coleman
Board Member, ACC Chairman

Oveta Welch
ACC Member at Large

Pam McCoid
ACC Member at Large
BOD Member at Large