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Whisperwoods Updates

Ongoing challenges:
1) Fencing – Perimeter fence repair and/or replacement efforts have been delayed because bidders are in short supply as they service backorders delayed by virus concerns.  The BOD is awaiting competitive bids.
2) Pond – Weed growth within the pond is a serious concern and one of our most persistent challenges. 
3) Landscaping – Seasonal common area landscaping is off to a slow start as LSG is able to allocate staff to our project spaces. 
4) Pool – The association will update the pool status here.  We will also post significant events on our Facebook private group page.  If you are not participating in these two information sources, click HERE and we will open a tab with instructions.  Current pool status:
> Guidance from authorities has been received.
> Signage has been ordered.
> Sanitation recommendations are being coordinated.
> It is expected that the pool will open on June 13th.
> Pool rules and a COVID-19 Addendum have been published.
> Printed copies of the rules and addendum will be distributed soon.
> Click HERE to view the rules and addendum online.

Curbside Trash

Please do not put curbside trash out until the day prior to collection.  

Southern Pine Beetles, Autumn 2017

In early October it was discovered that a very large pine tree within Whisperwoods was deeply infested with pine beetles.  The homeowners moved quickly to report the infestation to the ACC and arrange for the removal of the tree.  These fast working and highly destructive insects kill the host tree and represent a considerable threat to others.   For more information about these nasty creatures please click HERE and we’ll open a new tab for you and display a good article.

Predators in our midst, Summer 2017

This bobcat was killed on Collierville Road over the weekend of July 22nd.  These cats can be very aggressive and a clear threat to small children and pets.  Please use appropriate cautions.

Many within our Whisperwoods community have received a mailer encouraging participation at the Nextdoor web site.  You should know that there is no relationship between Nextdoor and your Whisperwoods Association.

Army Worms, Summer 2016 & 2021

Armyworm (5)“Please be advised that we have had a few homes in the subdivision that are dealing with an infestation of Army Worms in their lawns. They have treated with insecticide and appear to have the situation under control. However, all homeowners should be vigilant in order to protect their lawns, shrubs, and trees. Where you use a yard service you might alert them to keep an eye out as well.  The homeowners in question went to Lowe’s and bought insecticide for armyworms and the manager in the garden center said his personal lawn service notified him today of a heavy infestation in his area.  He said he’d had about 80 inquiries today.  One man told him he had an infestation in his oak tree.  Pet owners in our neighborhood should keep their pets off the grass as some homeowners will be applying insecticides.”Armyworm (1)

These nasty creatures can be defeated.  If you suspect armyworms have made camp on your property it is likely that an attack is underway.  Take a specimen to either Lowe’s or Russell’s Farm Supply for guidance.