Mailbox Vendors

Mailbox Repair & Replacement Recommendations

The Whisperwoods HOA has published mailbox standards within the ACC Guidelines document which may be viewed from the ACC page of this web site.  Any deviation from the standard must be approved by the ACC using an ACC Request Form; also available from the ACC page.

A fully compliant mailbox is displayed on this page.  The parts necessary to repair a degraded box may be procured from the providers shown below …

Post:  Pickle Iron of Memphis provides our custom posts.  Click HERE to see their site. 
 Gibraltar Jumbo (11.5 x 23.5 x 15) Galvanized in black with a red flag (model #ST20B) available on Amazon and at other retailers.
Numbers:  Two choices:  (1) The numbers can be ordered from Sharon Harding by calling her at 801-341-8315.  Ask for 3″ white vinyl, Ariel bold font, numbers only, no street name and no messaging.  Option (2) is an internet option.  Click HERE and we will open a tab with the vendor’s page.  Order 3″ white vinyl, Bernard font, numbers only, no street name and no messaging.
Paint:  If your box needs only touching up, satin black enamel paint may be purchased at any home goods store.  Please don’t hesitate to contact your ACC chairperson with any questions.