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Collierville Tennessee

Collierville (3)Many elements conspire to create value in the hearts and minds of decision makers when establishing a business, Collierville (8)a homestead, or a retirement lifestyle.  Whisperwoods is in what many would describe as the very best town West Tennessee has to offer.  Collierville may be characterized as a bedroom community for such corporate giants as FedEx, Delta Airline, International Paper, Cargill, Auto-Zone, World Tech Center, Helena Chemical, NSA Juice Plus, and others but our town is also a manufacturing and technology center of it’s own.  FedEx, Carrier, and Pepsi to name a few have considerable facilities here and all are maintained within the carefully managed standards insisted upon by our local leadership.  According to a 2013 survey of 50 utilities, Collierville enjoys the lowest utility bills, including electricity and natural gas, in all of America.  A 2014 study by the Demand Institute classified Collierville as a Cosmopolitan City and projected that median home values will escalate 33% by 2018.   Collierville is NOT a place for loud signage and other unattractive marketing methods common to most communities.  Like Whisperwoods herself, Collierville is managed in such a way as to maximize value for all who cherish professional, family, and retirement lifestyles free from commercial immersion, litter, graffiti, and other distractions from family life.  How about a brief picture tour of our wonderful town?  Click HERE and we’ll launch that for you in another window so you don’t loose your place.

The closest one might come to graffiti in Collierville might be a beautiful mural adorning a wall off the town square or the town name proudly Collierville (5)Collierville (6)displayed on the water tower.  Speaking of the town square … ours is thriving; has for decades, and represents not only one of three distinct commercial areas but also serves as our primary public gathering venue.  “The Square” and it’s award winning main street are self funded by the businesses that serve the square on three sides and host a variety of seasonal and annual events which are all free to the public.  Events include a marvelous Christmas Event with the lighting of the town tree and music by our school choirs.  The mayor and the alderman even serve hot chocolate at the event.  Fair on The Square is another annual event that draws both locals and non-locals alike.  This craft event is usually held the first weekend in May and includes shopping, home ideas, food, and great company.  Summers on the square are fun too with a free concert every Thursday evening.  Bands are typically local, the event is free, and most folks just bring chairs and make a family evening of it … lots of fun!

Collierville schools are among the best!  While residents have easyPolice (3) Schools (7)access to several private schools and a considerable network of families that coordinate home schooling efforts, our public school system is nationally recognized and have the awards to show for their efforts.  Facilities are very nice, safe, well equipped with the latest tech-gear, and staffed by caring teachers and administrators.  School Resource Officers such as the eminently well known Officer McKinney pictured here ensure the safety of our children and represent the very finest in Collierville law enforcement.  Want to reach out to the safety officer assigned to the school(s) where your children may attend?  Click HERE and we’ll take you to the Collierville PD page dedicated to the school resource officer program.

Avenue A Collierville, TN

If shopping is your thing; Whisperwoods is a prime base of operations because we are just one mile from a spectacular outdoor mall, just three miles from grocery and department store shopping, just several miles from over-the-border shopping in Olive Branch, Mississippi, and about forty minutes from city shopping in Memphis.  One trip to the mall in Collierville however, and you will rarely want to go anywhere else; great food choices and a wide variety of the most popular stores will have you hooked.

Whisperwoods …
Perfectly placed to access all Collierville has to offer and with a new state of the art high school under construction and set to open in the fall of 2018, it’s easy to imagine that properties in Whisperwoods will further accrue value.